Alicia McKay -  Decision Nerd and Strategic Minimalist

Alicia is passionate about enabling others to make smarter, more strategic decisions that create more impact. 

Fascinated by the public realm, Alicia studied law, politics, history, philosophy and media, graduating with an honours degree in political science. Following a policy career in local government, she struck out as an independent consultant in early 2014, pursuing specialist qualifications in investment management and strategic planning.

"Problem solving is hunting. It is savage pleasure and we are born to it." - Thomas Harris

Alicia's lively and vibrant approach draws in clients, audiences and workshop participants. Her workshops and speeches are known for their energy and straight talking, building buy-in to better, smarter decisions. Participants can expect to be challenged, engaged and entertained as Alicia unleashes her signature style and wicked sense of humour.

Regularly travelling across NZ and Australia, Alicia is at the leading edge of decision frameworks for public investment. She is one of the only NZ experts with dual Better Business Cases and Managing Benefits practitioner status, and is formally accredited by the Victoria Department of Treasury and Finance to practice Investment Logic Mapping.

While local government is Alicia's professional 'home,' she works with the full public and commercial spectrum, including central agencies, DHBs, NGOs and universities.