Feature Case Study

Strategic Prioritisation Framework

Waitaki District Council, Strategic Priorities Framework | December 2017

Alicia was engaged to assist WDC in developing a framework that would enable officers and Councillors to effectively prioritise potential projects, as part of the Long Term Plan 2018 - 28 development. 

The goal: To strategically prioritise competing projects and opportunities for the LTP 2018 - 28 by building consensus about medium-term priorities with elected members and senior officers.

Alicia facilitated a full day workshop for elected members and senior managers, with the goal to create a robust prioritisation framework for potential LTP projects. Using Investment Logic Mapping (ILM), Alicia led the group of 20 through a series of robust and challenging discussions to hone in on the key issues and opportunities facing Waitaki over the next 10 years. Key to this discussion was Alicia's facilitation style, which includes questioning assumptions, pushing for evidence and building consensus around the relative importance of the most significant issues.

Thanks to this workshop, and the investment logic and initiatives map provided at its conclusion, WDC now has a clear and compelling logic for strategic investment over the next decade, as well as a suite of prioritised projects and a framework for assessing of future spending proposals.

Current and Upcoming Projects

Whanganui District Council Regional Growth Opportunities | May 2018

Identifying and prioritising key regional growth initiatives to support Provincial Growth Fund applications.

Auckland Council Community Places Service Improvement Action Plan | June - August 2018

Structured facilitation and analysis to optimise service delivery, improve benefits realisation, better meet community needs and increase revenue generation.

Dunedin City Council 3 Waters Strategic Focus | July - September 2018

Facilitating a structured approach to enhancing 3 waters service delivery, by confirming strategic focus and removing barriers to execution.

Southland District Council Risk Management Framework | August - October 2018

Development of a corporate framework to identify and manage key organisational risks, using a unique collaborative process.

Invercargill City Council Social Housing Review | 2018

Providing strategic advice, research and evidence-based analysis to support second-stage review of Council's social housing portfolio.

Recent Engagements

University Client Target Operating Model | February - March 2018

Developing, in collaboration with the Programme team, a Target Operating Model for the future vision of a significant IT transformation.

Waitaki District Council Capital Projects Review | March 2018

Facilitating discussion and analysis of key capital projects to build consensus about a future strategic direction.

Southland District Council Roading Alliance Strategic Review | February 2018

Facilitating discussion and analysis of potential governance and management structures for three key roading alliance contracts.

Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Stage 2 Business Case | September - December 2017

Developing a single-stage business case to confirm the preferred option for stage 2 investment in a stalled cycle trail project in Southland. Better Business Cases and Investment Logic Mapping were applied to plot a path forward that will achieve long-term objectives, re-engage the community and maximise the value for money spent.

Whanganui District Council Sister City Strategic Review | October 2017

Working with Whanganui District Council to review the potential strategic and economic benefits of long-standing sister city relationships. Structured Conversations specialise in building Asia-Pacific strategic capability in local government to achieve community aspirations.

University of Canterbury IT Business Case | August - October 2017

Developing an annual business case - using a modified Better Business Case approach - for the second year of a significant IT transformation. This business case has required a flexible approach to development to suit the client's internal systems and the charting of an entirely new course of project options, following a sharp shift in the strategic directive of the organisation.

Auckland Council Parks, Community and Lifestyle Business Cases | July - September 2017

Facilitating over two dozen workshops to pull together eight one-page business cases for LTP investment options.

Southland District Council Corporate Performance Framework | July - December 2017

Strategic advice and support to implement a new approach to managing performance information, including a redeveloped strategic framework. ILM workshops identified strategic issues and priorities for change, with benefits mapping techniques used to understand strategic objectives and levels of service.

Invercargill City Council Directors Policy Review | October - December 2017

Reviewing issues related to the appointment, remuneration, eligibility and conduct of directors to commercial organisations with a strong public sector influence.

University of Canterbury Programme Business Case | December 2017 - March 2018

Redevelopment of a transformational $21 million IT Programme Business Case, navigating complex political, commercial and organisational context to successfully secure funding.

Investment Proposal, NGO Client

Preparing a business case for additional funding to a social services client to expand operations.

Gore District Council 3 Waters Service Delivery Review | July - September 2017

Section 17A of the Local Government Act 2002 requires periodic review of funding, governance and service delivery arrangements. Three waters is a sector under pressure, facing increased regulation, changing community expectations and affordability constraints. SC recommended changes to enhance key strategic relationships, reduce risk, optimise value for money and improve renewals planning.

Council Client | Social Housing, Democratic Effectiveness and Investment Property Review | March - June 2017

SC uncovered a concealed $20 million investment liability, severe under-resourcing and decision-making weaknesses that have prompted urgent strategic discussions around the governance table.

Energy Client | ILM - Testing the Logic of a Tech Investment | April 2017

A 2 hour facilitated ILM workshop identified a suite of previously unacknowledged strategic business changes required for investment in new field technology to be effective.

University Client Detailed Business Case | September 2016 - January 2017

Co-authoring a Detailed Business Case for an $80 million capital facilities investment, recommending a fully developed preferred option.

University Client Indicative Business Case | November 2016 - January 2017

Co-authoring an Indicative Business Case for a preferred way forward - technology investment.

Consortium of DHBs Programme Business Case Recovery | July - August 2016

Recovery and redevelopment of a $75 million IT system Programme Business Case to meet Ministry of Health funding requirements.

Ministry for Primary Industries Management Systems Review | June 2016

Internal effectiveness review, recommending improvements to performance management,
stakeholder engagement, decision-making and administrative efficiency.