Boosting the Regions

Through the Provincial Growth Fund, central government has committed to investing $1 billion per annum over three years in regional economic development.

The Provincial Growth Fund aims to lift productivity potential in the provinces. Its priorities are to enhance economic development opportunities, create sustainable jobs, enable Māori to reach their full potential, boost social inclusion and participation, build resilient communities, and help meet New Zealand’s climate change targets.

How We Can Help

Our team are perfectly placed to support Councils, RTOs and other partnerships seeking PGR funding. Because we specialise in local government, we understand provincial challenges and what is needed on the ground to engage stakeholders and develop a feasible project. We are accredited in best-practice business case and strategic planning methods, so we are experts in working with you to pull together strategically aligned investment proposals with strong benefits and watertight delivery arrangements.

It's going to be a busy few years, so get in touch today to discuss how our team can support you to put your best foot forward to the PGR.

Applying to the PGR


The PGR has three investment tiers which will deliver these priorities:

  1. Regional projects and capability: Projects $1-$10 million, managed locally. Support of economic development projects, feasibility studies and capability building identified by the regions. Applications always open.
  2. Sector investment (including One Billion Trees programme): Projects $10 million +, managed with assistance. Investment in initiatives targeted at priority and/or high value economic opportunities. Three funding rounds per year.
  3. Enabling infrastructure projects: Big deal projects. Investment in regional infrastructure projects that will lift productivity and grow jobs.


Projects will be assessed against criteria organised around four themes:

  • Link to Fund and government outcomes – The project should lift the productivity potential of a region or regions, and contribute to other objectives. These include jobs, community benefits, improved use of Māori assets, sustainability of natural assets, and mitigating and adapting to climate change.
  • Additionality – The project needs to add value by building on what is there already and not duplicating existing efforts. The project also needs to generate clear public benefit.
  • Connected to regional stakeholders and frameworks – Projects must align with regional priorities. They will need to have been discussed and agreed with relevant local stakeholders.
  • Governance, risk management and project execution – Projects will need to be supported by good project processes and those involved should have the capacity and capability to deliver the project. Projects need to be sustainable in the longer term beyond the Fund’s life.


There are no application rounds for proposals under $1 million - forms are available on the MBIE website. Contact MBIE directly for information about how to apply for more significant projects.

Need Help?

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