Alicia McKay has earned a reputation for facilitating highly effective strategic workshops. Whether you need to hash out a tricky problem, understand a potential investment or build stakeholder consensus, Alicia has an approach to suit. With an enthusiastic, down-to-earth manner, sharp insight and direct approach, Alicia quickly strikes to the core of an issue, helping you to work toward a solution.

Investment Logic Mapping (ILM)

What is Investment Logic Mapping?

A fun, fast, sharp investment tool that ensures we properly understand our issues and problems -  before we decide on the solution.

ILM workshops are concerned with the "think phase"  of a possible investment, policy or initiative, testing our knowledge of a problem and drilling into the real drivers and effects. Putting "we need a new..." at the door, your ILM facilitator asks tricky questions and helps everyone to truly get their head around a problem.

How does it work?

  • Key decision-makers come together for a two-hour facilitated discussion
  • The 'investment story' is mapped out on a single page, using Plain English language and concepts
  • The story develops through each workshop, giving a clear line of sight across each stage.

Alicia McKay is one of a handful of DTF-accredited ILM facilitators in New Zealand - check out the DTF website for more information.


Alicia has recently facilitated workshops for:

  • Ten year (LTP) strategic project prioritisation 
  • Organisation-wide benefits mapping
  • Business case development
  • Procurement and contract modelling
  • Performance management frameworks
  • Urban centre redevelopment
  • Community services and facilities business planning
  • CO review
  • A full range of Council services including 3 waters, investment property, social housing and regulatory services.

Recent Feedback

"Awesome sessions today! You did a great job. Set off some lightbulbs for my team... understanding these 'problems' means we can change our approach and might actually get some traction." Local Government Client