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NZ's Leading ILM Facilitators

What is Investment Logic Mapping?

structured conversation that ensures we properly understand our issues and problems, long before we decide on the solution!

ILM deals with the "think phase"  of a possible investment, policy or initiative, testing our knowledge of a problem and drilling into the real drivers and effects. Putting "we need a new..." at the door, your ILM facilitator asks tricky questions and helps everyone to truly get their head around a problem.

Developed by the Victoria Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) and highly recommended by NZ Treasury for problem definition, the structure and conversation strategies used in ILM are a highly effective way to get a strategic understanding of key issues facing your organisation. Alicia McKay is one of a handful of DTF-accredited ILM facilitators in New Zealand - check out the DTF website for more information.


How does it work?

  • Key decision-makers come together for a two-hour facilitated discussion
  • The 'investment story' is mapped out on a single page, using Plain English language and concepts
  • The story develops through each workshop, giving a clear line of sight across each stage

Why use ILM?

  • Ask the hard questions early
  • Make sure the problem exists
  • Identify whether there is a compelling case for change
  • Test the 'logic' of an existing investment or initiative.

Recent Feedback

"Awesome sessions today! You did a great job. Set off some lightbulbs for my team... understanding these 'problems' means we can change our approach and might actually get some traction." Southland District Council