DESIGNED FOR: Conferences that need energy and expertise

  • Sharp insight into strategy and behaviour
  • Wicked sense of humour
  • Ideal for public sector and local government conferences

Alicia McKay engages audiences in all sectors with her down-to-earth manner, sharp insight and wicked sense of humour. Alicia has addressed and facilitated groups of all types and sizes, from conference attendees to rural community groups and has a knack for speaking the right language to reach her audience. Complementing comprehensive subject-matter expertise with plain-English communication, Alicia untangles complex issues into clear and actionable insight, inspiring her audience to move forward and make change.

Alicia is highly regarded for her facilitation and consulting expertise, particularly in local government. With a career spanning policy, business development and management consulting, Alicia brings unique insights into the challenges facing decision-makers. Known for her ability to navigate boards and management teams through tough journeys, Alicia’s war stories feature PR nightmares, failed projects and hilarious decision blunders.  Her emerging work on decision capital has triggered lightbulb moments all over New Zealand, offering insightful and extremely useful advice to improve decision performance.

Keynote speaker, MC, strategic advisor and top-notch facilitator, Alicia will add incredible value to your conference or event. To book or make further enquiries, contact