Cut Through the Noise to Set Powerful Priorities

  • Cut-through problem definition

  • Ask the hard questions early

  • Ideal for creating powerful strategies to guide investment and select initiatives

Do you need to slow down to speed up? Time and attention are our most valuable organisational resources. Non-renewable, non-expandable - we can only allocate these precious assets so far. Being strategic with our time and money has never been more important. Yet, two thirds of managers are torn by conflicting priorities! Strategy isn’t executed, time is wasted and critical decisions are made on the fly.

The difficulty lies in making trade-offs. Trade-offs are at the heart of every decision. Intentional, strategic trade-offs have the power to move us closer to our objectives -  but ad-hoc, delegated trade-offs take us further away.

The key is to set clear, simple priorities. We know that organisations with fewer priorities consistently report improved performance, because powerful priorities provide us with the freedom to focus.

With the Strategic Focus programme, decision makers and leaders acquire the tools to set powerful priorities at the strategic level, unleashing the potential for productivity, engagement and impact across and outside of their organisation.


Turn Good Intentions Into Actionable Strategy

  • Fun, challenging workshops

  • Ideal for designing investment solutions and targeted work programmes

Two thirds of organisations struggle to convert strategy into action effectively.

  • At least half of public investments fail to deliver targeted improvements
  • Two thirds are delivered late or over budget
  • Only 5% deliver the full range of benefits expected.

Change is hard to pull off - but we can do better. 

Impact - A structured, impact-led approach to solution design is proven to boost the odds of benefits realisation. We know that clear, focused benefits and a commitment to ongoing measurement has a greater impact on success than project management and implementation-focused interventions - but we struggle to do it well.

Influence - Ruthlessly pragmatic, work programmes that foster and build on organisational strengths are significantly more likely to achieve goals. S2A combines benefits-led thinking with capability-based strategic planning, setting your organisation up for success and delivering genuine value to your organisation, customers and community.



"Alicia has brought great value in assisting elected members and our management team in identifying the best strategic direction to take regarding Council priorities and major projects. Her professionalism, attention to pre-workshop preparation and ability to maintain focus on the key issues has been very helpful and appreciated by both elected members and the operational team. I recommend her skills in the structured facilitation field." Fergus Power, Chief Executive - Waitaki District Council

"Best workshop I've ever been to - and I've been to a few!" Charlie Anderson, Councillor, Whanganui District Council

"Awesome sessions today! You did a great job. Set off some lightbulbs for my team... understanding these 'problems' means we can change our approach and might actually get some traction." Local Government Client

"Alicia did a great job for us facilitating and developing a business case for a cycle trail. Alicia has a very engaging style and can get the most reserved participants to be involved. As a facilitator one of the key roles is to gather the disparate thoughts of a group into a more concise list of key issues. Alicia is superb at this. I recommend Alicia to anybody looking for a high quality facilitator and or business case developer." Ian Marshall, Group Manager Services and Assets, Southland District Council



  • Why strategic decisions are getting harder to make

  • The four enemies of strategic focus

  • How to apply the lenses of strategic focus to set clear priorities.